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The New England coverage of a regional BlueCHiP plan, which gives you one common offering for all your employees whether they live in Rhode Island or nearby, as well as the ability to pair the plan with a health savings account (HSA).

With Access Blue New England, your employees will choose a primary care provider to reap the advantages of coordinated care, but referrals are not required. You and your employees both gain tax advantages with integrated HSAs.

Highlights of an Access Blue New England plan:

  • For large employers only
  • Coordinated care is at the core of this plan, which can lead to quality care at lower costs
  • Pair with a health savings account (HSA)
  • HSA preventive drug option can save your employees money and reduces the likelihood they will skip important medications until their deductible is met
  • Your employees gain peace of mind knowing they have access to the best care in New England
  • In case of an emergency, we’ve got your employees covered, no matter where in the country they are

Choose from doctors and hospitals throughout the region

Members can choose and use Blue Cross and Blue Shield doctors and hospitals in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire:

Map of New England
  • 11,000+ PCPs
  • 30,000+ specialists
  • Close to 200 hospitals including:
    • Rhode Island Hospital (including Hasbro Children’s Hospital)
    • The Miriam Hospital
    • Women & Infants Hospital
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • Yale-New Haven Hospital
    • Hartford Hospital
    • St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center

The vast majority of Rhode Island and Massachusetts hospitals are in-network. This list is subject to change.

Coordinated care can save time and money

Trying to make sense of a large network of doctors, labs, specialists, and pharmacies can be hard, and can cost you and your employees precious time and money. We’re changing that with our BlueCHiP family of plans. These plans provide your employees with a team of healthcare professionals led by a primary care provider (PCP). Your employees’ personal healthcare team will work to ensure they receive regular health screenings and tests, and they can help coordinate referrals whenever they need to see other doctors.

The advantages of HSAs


  • Easy administration. We make setup simple.
  • Cost savings. Our HSA-eligible plans generally offer lower premiums.
  • Tax savings. Both employer and employee HSA contributions can provide tax savings.
  • More engaged employees. Higher deductibles promote better informed healthcare choices.


  • More spending power. Since they’re using pre-tax dollars, their money goes farther.
  • Tax savings. Contributions can lower income tax; interest earned is tax-free; and there is no tax when the money is used for qualified medical expenses.
  • Convenience. They can pay bills online, on their mobile app, or with debit cards and checks.
  • Mobile access. With the BlueSolutions Spending on the Go app, employees can view account balances, update profiles, and submit claims.

HSA employer tax savings example*

Employer with 30 employees each contributing $1,500 in pre-tax payroll deductions to their HSA annually.

Pre-tax contributions per employee:


Number of employees:


Total employee annual HSA contribution:


FICA Tax %:


Estimated annual employer tax savings:


*This example is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent actual tax impact. FICA Tax % based on 2018 rate and it subject to change.

Preventive drug savings with HSA-qualified plans

This HSA preventive drug option reduces out-of-pocket costs for members using certain preventive drugs.

How it works:

  • For drugs on the HSA Preventive Drug List, the deductible does not apply; the member only has a copay.
  • This benefit reduces the likelihood that your employees will skip important medications until their deductible is met.
Generic drug

Employee cost using standard HSA plan:


Employee cost using the HSA with preventive drug list:



Brand drug

Employee cost using standard HSA plan:


Employee cost using the HSA with preventive drug list:



The savings represent the difference between what a member pays for an average generic or brand name prescription using a traditional HSA compatible plan, where they pay the allowed amount up to their deductible, and what they would pay for the same prescriptions using the preventive drug list. This illustration is for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of costs or benefits. Actual costs and benefits will vary. Source: BCBSRI Data, commercial pharmacy claims incurred 20 de abril17 – 20 de março18.

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